FAQ of ZMIE Company
FAQ of ZMIE Company
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FAQ of ZMIE Company

What Is Minimum Quantity To Order To Zmie ?

If it is standard X348, X458, X678 chain or trolleys,normally Zmie do not have minimum requirement. For air shipment or Express mail arrangement, no minimum is required.But for your own convenience,if you wish to order for sea shipment,sincerely recommend order over USD5000, as you perhaps do not realize:    A. Importation for your Customs has minimum charge    B. Exportation for China Customs also has minimum cost    C. After importation from your Customs, you need truck arrangement before arrival to your warehouse or your customer's warehouse    D. Before exportation from China, Zmie also need truck arrangement to port    E. Sea-worthy wooden case needs to be built up as minimum package.

How Can We Trust Zmie As Conveyors Suppliers ?

Zmie was established 15 years ago.And has been cooperating with many famous overhead conveyor brands for almost 10 yearsin 3", 4", 6" drop forged rivetless chain and relevant trolleys, pusher dogs etc.Customers are sincerely welcome to visit our workshop. If it is too far away to reach us in China, we can keep in touch by WhatsApp, Line, Skype,WeChat... showing what you want to know .ok ?

Who Are Zmie Main Customers ?

ZMIE customers mostly are conveyor system manufacturers or chain manufacturers, who needs conveyor chain, drop forged chain, roller chain, sprockets, engineering class chain also end users all through the world.

Does zmie can provide the quality certificate of conveyor chain?

Yes, zmie do the professional quality testing and can provide the quality certificate of conveyor chain, like the hardness, dimensions and tensile strength......