Why Does the Conveyor Chain Fail?

Why Does the Conveyor Chain Fail?


Conveyor chains are prone to failures during operation. This article will introduce some specific reasons for conveyor chain failures.

Why Does the Conveyor Chain Fail?
Conveyor chain should be the most common kind of industrial chain. In the industrial production process, especially in many food processing, conveyor chains are used in an assembly line, with a wide range of use and high frequency of use, so wear failures often occur. If coupled with improper use methods, it will cause great damage to the chain. The following will analyze the causes of chain damage in detail.

Conveyor chain failure has two main manifestations: one is failure due to wear; the other is failure due to fatigue.

Failure due to wear

Failure due to wear is the most common and obvious manifestation. There are many reasons for this failure. The main reason is poor chain material and improper operation by workers. The most easily worn parts of the chain as a whole are the sprocket and pin. The wear of these two parts is mainly due to insufficient local lubrication. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon, the operator should pay attention to frequently check the lubrication effect, add lubricating oil in time, check whether there is abrasive in the lubricating oil, or change the lubrication method. After the sprocket is slightly worn, the sprocket can be reversed so that the side with the lighter wear faces the chain. In addition, if the use environment is poor or the lubrication seal is poor, it will cause the hinge to wear. Once the chain hinge is worn, the chain-link becomes longer, and it is easy to cause tooth jumping or chain disconnection during operation, reducing the service life of the chain and accelerating the chain failure.

Failure due to fatigue

At present, most factories in our country have workers rest, and the machines do not rest. Therefore, the standard conveyor chain is often overused and fails due to fatigue. That is to say, the chain is subjected to excessive load during operation, resulting in insufficient force. Even, it is easy to break or be squeezed. For this situation, our chain factory can only solve this problem by strengthening parts.

In addition, in the process of low-speed and heavy-duty transmission, overload breaking is also a common form of failure. When the chain has a certain service life, poor lubrication, and sealing, or poor working conditions, it will accelerate wear, resulting in a significant drop in the ultimate power and an overload failure.

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