What is a Roller Chain?

What is a Roller Chain?


Roller chains have a wide range of applications in every industry and can be used to transmit power and convey materials. This article will help you understand roller chains in detail.

What is a Roller Chain?
A Roller chain is a common type of chain transmission. Roller chains have become the most used transmission chain due to their better performance. The following is a detailed introduction to the composition, structure, use type, main parameters, and other aspects of the roller chain.

Roller chain assembly

The chain is composed of inner chainplates, outer chainplates, pins, sleeves, and rollers.

The structure of the roller chain

Roller chains are connected by connecting links or transition links. When both ends of the chain are inner links, use detachable link links composed of outer link plates and pin shafts, which are connected by split pins or elastic lock pieces. The number of chain links is even. When one end of the chain is an inner link and the other end is an outer link, the transition link is used for connection, and the number of such links is an odd number.

Types of use of roller chains

It can be used for transmission chain and conveying chain because it can be used for conveying workpieces, articles, and materials. It also can be used to transfer force due to traction, play the role of traction and suspension of articles, and also serve as slow motion.

The main parameters of the roller chain

Including length (mm), row spacing (mm), roller outer diameter (mm), ultimate load (single row N), number of chain links per meter of length (single row kg/m), etc. The number of chain links of the roller chain should be an even number so that when the chain is connected into a ring, the inner and outer chain plates are connected, and the joints can be locked with cotter pins or spring clamps.

The roller chain has high tensile strength, good wear resistance, long service life, simple assembly, reasonable structure, high strength, and flexible rotation.

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