How to Maintain the Roller Chain?

How to Maintain the Roller Chain?


If we carry out regular maintenance on the roller chain, the probability of its failure will be greatly reduced, and its service life can be prolonged. This article will specifically introduce the maintenance method of the roller chain.

How to Maintain the Roller Chain?
Roller chain

Roller chain drives are widely used in many fields, productivity is highly dependent on the performance of roller chain, so it’s necessary to inspect and maintain it. Regular maintenance can reduce the occurrence of chain failures, thereby extending its service life. The following is the specific maintenance method of the roller chain.

Keep coplanarity

Each drive sprocket on the roller chain should be kept on the same surface, and the passage of each chain should be kept very smooth.

Chain verticality

The verticality of the loose edge of the chain should be at a suitable critical point. The horizontal plane and tilt transmission of the adjustable center distance on the chain, the sag data of the chain should be about 1%-2% of the center distance. For vertical transmission or vibration load, reverse transmission, and dynamic braking, the chain sag requirement should be smaller. Frequent inspection and adjustment of the loose edge sag data of each chain is an important item in the maintenance of the chain drive.


The lubrication of roller chain parts needs to be maintained frequently, which is very important in maintenance activities. Regardless of the choice of lubrication method, it is the focus of lubrication that the lubricating grease can be lubricated into each chain component in a timely and uniform manner. Heavy oil or lubricating grease with high viscosity is best not to choose. After a period of use, dust adheres to various parts and easily forms blockages. This also cleans and removes stains on the roller chain, and checks the lubrication effect from time to time. Sometimes it is necessary to check the pin and sleeve after disassembly. If the surface of the chain is brown or dark brown after friction, this is generally due to insufficient oil supply and unqualified lubrication coefficient.

Keep roller chain assembly in working condition

Every part of the roller chain is very important, such as the chain and sprocket, which need to maintain a very good working condition, so as to be more effective and durable.

Check the sprocket

The roller chain sprocket also needs to be checked frequently. If it is found to wear too fast or other problems, it should be adjusted in time according to the facts. If the degree of wear is too large, a new sprocket should be replaced.

We need to pay attention to many problems in the process of maintaining the roller chain. Timely inspection and maintenance can reduce the loss of the chain. If you want to know more about roller chains and solutions after reading the above content, you can get it by contacting us. At the same time, we also produce high-quality roller chain products.

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