The Structure and Advantages of Roller Chains

The Structure and Advantages of Roller Chains


Roller chains have become the most common type of chain drive because of their excellent characteristics and performance. Today, let’s talk about the structure and advantages of roller chains.

The Structure and Advantages of Roller Chains
the structure and advantages of roller chains

A Roller chain is a kind of chain used to transmit mechanical power. It is a type of chain drive. It is widely used in household, industrial and agricultural machinery. It is linked together by a series of short cylindrical rollers and driven by a gear called a sprocket. It is a simple, reliable, and efficient power transmission device. Next, we will introduce the structure and advantages of roller chains in detail.

The structure of the roller chains

Roller chains can be made into single-row chains and multiple-row chains. When it is necessary to withstand large loads and transmit large power, multi-row chains can be used. The multi-row chain is equivalent to several ordinary single-row chains connected with each other with long pins, and its carrying capacity is proportional to the number of rows, but the more rows there are, the more difficult it is to make each row evenly stressed, so the number of rows It should not be too much. 

The length of the roller chain is expressed by the number of links. The number of chain links is preferably an even number so that when the chain is connected in a ring shape, the outer chain plate and the inner chain plate can be exactly connected, and the joint can be locked with a spring clip or a split pin. If the number of roller chain links is odd, transition links are required. When the chain is under tension, the transition link has to bear an additional bending load.

Advantages of roller chains

(1) Compared with other transmissions, the roller chain has no elastic sliding, can maintain an accurate average transmission ratio, and has a higher transmission efficiency. The efficiency of the roller chain can be as high as 98%. With good lubrication, this efficiency can be maintained throughout the service life.

(2) The chain does not require large tension, so the load on the shaft and the bearing is small.

(3) The roller chain will not slip, the transmission is reliable, the overload capacity is strong, and it can work well under low speed and heavy load. However, roller chains are not suitable for situations where the direction of rotation changes frequently.

(4) The roller chain can still operate effectively in harsh environments.

(5) The roller chain has a strong ability to absorb vibration, and when the oil film is stored in each component, the chain can protect the shaft and the motor from changes caused by impact.

(6) The roller chain is light in weight and occupies a small space, and the width is narrow. It can also be installed in a very small space, and the unit transmission horsepower occupies a small space.

(7) The roller chain is durable. The load is shared by many teeth on the ratchet gear, the force on every single gear is small, which can ensure the service life as long as possible.
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