The Design Parameters and Design Points of the Roller Chain Transmission

The Design Parameters and Design Points of the Roller Chain Transmission


The transmission design of the roller chain is related to the final structure and performance of the roller chain. Therefore, ZMIE especially shared the transmission design elements of the roller chain for everyone.

The Design Parameters and Design Points of the Roller Chain Transmission
the specific transmission design elements of the roller chain

The selection calculation of roller chain transmission mainly includes determining the specification and number of chain links of a chain transmission system, the number of teeth and center distance of the driving and driven sprocket, and the installation, debugging, and lubrication requirements of the transmission system.

Since the load characteristics, application environment, and implementation of the chain drive are very different in specific use, it is still necessary to ensure that the selected chain and sprocket products meet the requirements of this standard and the user’s requirements. The supplier of the product should be consulted about the relevant situation. The following are the specific transmission design elements of the roller chain, we hope it can help everyone.

Design Parameters of Chain Transmission

Before selecting the chain and sprocket, the following design parameters must be determined:

1. The delivered power;

(1) Input power: Input power refers to the power to be transmitted by the active sprocket.

(2) Modified power: Taking into account the influence of active system characteristics and the type of load transferred.

2. Types of driving and driven machinery;

3. Rotation speed and diameter of the main and driven shafts;

4. The center distance and the layout of the shaft system;

5. Environmental conditions

For chain selection, the single-row chain with the smallest pitch can be selected according to the modified power and the speed of the small sprocket. When a more compact transmission arrangement is required, a multi-row chain with a smaller pitch can be selected, so that the diameter of the sprocket will also be reduced. In order to ensure that the wear of the chain drive is reduced, a suitable lubrication method should be used. The lubrication method depends on the speed and rated power of the chain.

Design points of Chain Transmission

1. The center distance of chain drive

The preferred value of the center distance is 30-50 times the chain pitch, but the wrap angle of the chain on the small sprocket should not be less than 120 degrees.

2. Adjustment of chain tension

The chain tension is mainly based on the adjustment of the center distance. In addition, tensioning can be achieved through the use of tensioning wheels, idler sprocket wheels, and other methods. Especially for inclined transmission with an angle of more than 60 degrees from the horizontal, tensioning should be considered, and care should be taken to avoid additional loads on the chain.

3. Chain sag

The allowable sag at the midpoint of the chain edge is 1%-3% of the center distance value. (Anchor chain, chain factory, lifting chain, mining chain, high-strength chain, ship anchor chain)

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