How to Optimize the Service Life of Roller Chains?

How to Optimize the Service Life of Roller Chains?


Based on years of experience, ZMIE shares in this article specific methods for optimizing the service life of roller chains to avoid premature wear of the chain.

How to Optimize the Service Life of Roller Chains?
specific methods for optimizing the service life of roller chains

Roller chains have a wide range of applications in every industry and can be used to transmit power and convey materials. Since many applications rely on roller chains, it is essential that optimizing the life of roller chains can prevent unnecessary downtime and business costs.

According to the specifications and usage conditions of the chain, each roller chain has an expected service life. Even the highest quality chain used exactly as specified by the manufacturer will slowly wear out. If the wrong chain is specified for the application, or the manufacturer’s instructions are not followed, premature failure will occur. In this article, we will explain how to avoid premature wear of the roller chain.

(1) One of the most common causes of excessive roller chain wear is incorrect or insufficient lubrication. Ensuring that the correct type and quantity of lubrication are used at the correct intervals will provide the greatest opportunity for your roller chain to achieve its maximum service life.

(2)The type of lubricant needs to be carefully selected according to the drive's specifications and operating environment. Optimal lubrication will help reduce wear in the chain, reduce impact loads and help dissipate heat.

(3) The installation of an automatic lubrication system can ensure that the correct amount of lubricant is used at the correct interval, thereby reducing manual work and eliminating the opportunity for human error.

(4) Roller chains often operate in environments with widespread pollution. Abrasive contaminants such as dust and dust may damage the internal mechanism of the chain, thereby accelerating chain wear. Dust, rust, or exposure to corrosive environments may prevent lubricant from penetrating into the pins. It is therefore important to keep the operating environment as clean as possible to avoid the chance of contamination entering the roller chain. If contamination is unavoidable, please choose a roller chain specially designed for the environment.

(5) Ensure that the shaft and sprocket are aligned to help extend the life of the roller chain. Misalignment will cause an uneven load on the entire chain, resulting in the wear of the roller chainplates and sprocket teeth. You can ensure that the sprocket and shaft are aligned, and use simple straight edges or more complex, more precise laser alignment tools (such as SKF tools) to help reduce premature chain wear.

(6) It is very important to ensure that the correct roller chain is selected for the application requirements, so as to provide your chain with the greatest opportunity to achieve its longest service life. Excessive load is a common cause of premature chain wear.

Care must be taken to ensure that a suitable chain product is selected for the expected application load, and periodic re-evaluation should be performed to ensure that the load received during operation does not exceed the manufacturer's specifications for the product.

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